Nipawin Business Improvement District

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Nipawin Business Improvement District FAQ Page

Q:Who is the Nipawin Business Improvement District?

A: The Nipawin Business Improvement District represents business and the interests of business within the Nipawin improvement district boundaries.

Q: What is the vision for the Nipawin Business Improvement District?

A: The Vision is to establish the Nipawin Business District as a unique and attractive, prosperous economic leader within the North East Saskatchewan region.

Q: What are the goals for the Nipawin Business Improvement District?

A: The goals are as follows:

  • Develop and design a community that encourages communication and interaction between stakeholders and functions as the commercial, entertainment and social center of the Region.
  • Create a business district that is progressive, safe, clean and offers opportunities for a range of business ventures
  • Developing regional partnerships that improve governance and stability of the business district.
  • Promoting the Business Improvement District as a place that encourages Business Development, Entertainment Options and Tourism.

Q: What will the Nipawin Business Improvement do for my business?

A: The Nipawin Business Improvement District is here to help you and to promote your business to attract more people into the down town area.


A: You may also call or email us with your questions at 1(306) 812-0010 ext: 1 or [email protected]


A: The structure of the BID includes a 16-member governance board which would be created to oversee the operations of the BID management entity. This board is made up of stakeholders that have a direct investment within the Nipawin area.