Nipawin Business Improvement District

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Executive Summary

The Down town of Nipawin is the heart and soul of Nipawin Town.

The Down town area in any community must be the focal point of the town and exhibit an overall visualization of the town.

The visualization needs to show culture, history, heritage and above all it needs to memorable.

The Down town in Nipawin consists of a wide range of commercial business and services at a relatively high density.

Our main focus from the Nipawin Business Improvement District is to make Nipawin an economic leader in north east Saskatchewan.

Whilst economic growth is imperative to any community it is important not to lose site and focus on the main concept of a town which is to serve the citizens of the community and their needs consistently.

As Nipawin is the main commercial centre for much of the surrounding region the town of Nipawin recognises that good economic development planning is the best way to develop the vibrant and expanding business community.